As one of the first vascular surgery divisions in Austria, the Division of Vascular Surgery has decades of experience with vascular diseases. Our goal is to provide our patients with evidence-based treatment that is in line with the latest research. Our division offers the full range of operative vascular surgery. We are a point of contact for planned interventions as well as for acute and emergency care for patients from neighboring provinces. In collaboration with other divisions, we are able to provide interventional and conservative therapies that complement operative therapy.

In addition to patient care, our division also engages in clinical research and basic research. Through ongoing contact with international colleagues and universities, we are able to guarantee state-of-the-art treatment for our patients.

As a university division, teaching is very close to our hearts. We strive to share our enthusiasm for our varied discipline with our students.

Tina Cohnert

"Our goals are to provide patient-oriented treatment according to the latest scientific findings and to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration in both clinical practice and research. We especially hope to pass on clinical experience and an enthusiasm for research to our students."

Tina Ulrike Cohnert, Head of Division


Auenbruggerplatz 29/4, 8036 Graz 
T: +43 316 385 12724
F: +43 316 385 14656